DP Fox Ventures, LLC (owned by Dan and Pamella DeVos) is a diversified management company with interests in transportation, real estate, fashion,
sports and entertainment.

Our Vision:

Creating impactful opportunities for people to succeed.

Our Mission:

To be catalysts who:

  • Create and reinforce a culture of being remarkable
  • Encourage individual growth, development and fulfillment
  • Support & serve as a resource for our affiliated businesses
  • Promote community involvement and participation
  • Establish and build memorable relationships
  • Continuously work to build more effective businesses

Our Values:

We show consideration, appreciation and respect for the individual when we are interacting with our affiliates, fellow employees and the people in our community.

The reputation we have developed by showing our affiliates, fellow team members and the people in our community that we are genuine, real, credible and free of deception. We value employee commitment and dedication to the organizations reputation.

We strive to provide more than what is expected by our affiliates, staff and the community. We take pride in doing the job right. Our appearance, speech and actions demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Teamwork can have many meanings. To work together with our affiliates and fellow staff by demonstrating cooperation and the willingness to achieve a common goal.

We come to work each day with energy and passion. What could be better than wanting to be here and making a difference in other people’s lives? Enthusiasm is contagious. Bring it with you to work! We want you to find enjoyment and pleasure in the place you work and the job you do.